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About Us

Welcome to www.crickmovie.in- a blog that helps bloggers learn about entertainment and cricket and cinema (Bollywood, Hollywood).
My name is Vaseem and I am a full time blogger who creates a live and dynamic blog.
I am also a writer and speaker ... but more than that soon.

In 2017, I stumbled on an article about 'blogging'. I did not know that at the time but that moment changed my life. I know that such statements are on those things but this is really true.Within 24 hours of reading the article, I started my blog - a personal blog where I have ever searched for issues of cricket, movies and blogging. I learned a lot from the experience of that blog that I started my blog
Since my blog has emerged in popularity and started generating income, blogging has grown in recent times through a full-time business for a hobby for a part-time job (some people will say a passion). I have gradually created my blogging in the income source, which has enabled me to devote more time to the medium at that point where I am currently a full-time blogger
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