Top 10 Best Indian Batsman of all time in Cricket History

Virat Kholi
Virat Kohli

Top 10 Greatest Indian Batsman Ever 

10      Suresh Raina

 Known as "Sanu", Raina was conceived in 1986 in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh and made his ODI make a big appearance in 2005 at Dambulla, against Sri Lanka. This Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Lions star has made India glad in various events.

He is a Left-gave center request batsman who has scored 5568 keeps running in 223 ODIs to this date at a normal of 35.46, with 5 tons and 36 fifties to his name, and his most noteworthy score in ODIs is 116 not out against Bangladesh. Raina has acted the hero in numerous vital matches where India has battled with its best request. His first ODI fifty was one such event where he saw India home subsequent to battling at 92/5 pursuing 227 against England at home. Raina scored a splendid 81 off 89 balls and reported his ODI landing in fabulous style. Another vital thump was the little appearance he played against most outstanding opponents Pakistan in the high weight 2011 World Cup Semi-Finals. He scored a sensible 36 and took India to a protected aggregate of 260 out of a nearly battled match.

Raina proves to be useful as a center request batsman as well as low maintenance bowler who dumbfounds that intermittent or two. More often than not, he has delivered results, particularly by breaking imperative organizations and fulfilling the chief. Additionally, he is a lithe defender all through the circle and most likely the best in the present Indian outfit. Albeit as of now out of the Indian ODI squad, many trusts that his best innings and execution for India is yet to come.

09      Rohit Sharma

Sharma was conceived in Nagpur, Maharashtra in 1987 and made his ODI make a big appearance in 2007 at Belfast, versus Ireland. He is one of the best batsmen of the present day amusement and speaks to the Mumbai Indians too.

In the wake of entering the universal field, Sharma has scored 6033 keeps running in 168 ODIs at a normal of 44.03, including 14 centuries and 34 fifties added to his repertoire. This privilege gave ace class top request batsman scored a mammoth 264 against Sri Lanka in 2014 and built up the record for the most noteworthy individual score by a batsman in an ODI. Amid his initial 6 years of ODI cricket, as a center request batsman, he battled with his frame aside from the intermittent quick assault. What's more, in 2013, he was elevated to the best and was requested to open the line-up, and everything became all-good to finish them since quite a while ago addressed riddle. The move was a self-disclosure for Sharma and he proceeded to score ton after ton in competitions that pursued. After a couple of ups and down all over, after Tendulkar's retirement in 2013, Sharma fixed his place in the Indian squad and turned into the second most noteworthy run scorer for India in the 2015 world class, with a splendid 137 against Bangladesh in the quarterfinals. That year, he drove the Mumbai Indians to win the IPL title and scored a decent amount of keeps running all the while.

As of now, he is in the fine frame and is the most astounding run scorer with a normal of 59.20 in the as of late finished up 5 coordinate ODI arrangement against Australia. We will see a significant number of his glorious batting shows in years to come.

08       Virender Sehwag

The "Sachin Double" overwhelmed the cricketing scene when he initially strolled into the field with Tendulkar to open the batting for India in 1999 at Mohali against Pakistan. For a minute it resembled Sachin batting on the two finishes. Conceived in Delhi in 1978, Sehwag proceeded to speak to the World XI, Asia XI, Delhi Daredevils and Kings XI Punjab.

With insignificant footwork and a red-hot thrive of the arms, Sehwag was India's solution to Pakistan's Afridi in the late 90's. He heaped up pursues limit achieving an aggregate of 7995 of every 241 ODIs at a normal of 35.37 including 15 tons and 37 fifties. His absence of footwork was repaid by careful wristwork and brilliant planning. After his entry, Tendulkar played a more loosened up job as Sehwag battered the restriction from the opposite end. Sehwag was particularly solid on the off side and square of the wicket. Anything outside off would vanish to the limit without notice. Regardless of this red-hot pomposity, he figured out how to score enormous scores in a brief span range, making 350 or more aggregates ordinary in ODIs. Likewise, he scored 219 against the Windies in 2011 at Indore and held the record for the most elevated individual score, until the point when Sharma broke it in 2014.

Later on in his profession he enhanced his rocking the bowling alley division and turned into a general spinner, getting to be one of the best all-rounders of his opportunity.

07     Yuvraj Sing

Known as "Yuvi" among his associates, Yuvraj was conceived in 1981 in Chandigarh, Punjab and made his ODI make a big appearance in 2000 at Nairobi against Kenya. He was a piece of the Asia XI, Yorkshire, Delhi Daredevils and Kings XI Punjab groups.

Known for his ruthless hitting, Yuvraj is a ground-breaking striker of the cricket ball who can make the defenders minor onlookers. This capability combined with awesome footwork makes him extraordinary compared to other batsmen against any type of turn rocking the bowling alley. Yuvi has scored 8701 keeps running in 304 matches at a normal of 36.55 with 14 tons and 52 half hundreds of years in ODIs to this date. There are numerous essential innings in his profession where he changed matches topsy-turvy and broke records. His second ODI was, where he took the immense Aussie quick knocking down some pins assault off guard scored 84 to manage India to a renowned triumph in the ICC champions' trophy quarter last in 2000. Likewise, Yuvraj is associated with his butchering of Stuart Broad for six sixes of everyone over on the planet T20 competition in 2007. His best ODI score of 150 came in as of late against England at Cuttack in June 2017, recommending he is at the pinnacle of his profession.

Yuvi's distinguished profession has seen numerous mishaps for the most part because of sick wellbeing and wounds. He was determined to have an uncommon type of germ cell disease in his left lung in 2011 after the world container, where he turned into the Player of the Tournament. He experienced three rounds of chemotherapy at Boston, USA and returned home in 2012 and was picked for the 2012 ICC World T20. Again in 2013 he experienced poor shape and wellness and was expelled from the squad.

Regardless of the high points and low points, Yuvraj remains a great power in the Indian line-up who will keep on conveying results at whatever point India needs.

06     Virat Kholi

Without a doubt, extraordinary compared to other batsmen the cricketing scene has seen, Kohli, was conceived in Delhi in 1988 and made his ODI make a big appearance in 2008 at Dambulla against Sri Lanka. He is the present captain of the Indian group in all configurations and speaks to Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL.

Since the origin, Kohli demonstrated guarantee in the batting division and showed indications of turning into an untouched awesome. The larger part concurs that he is the best batsman India has delivered since Tendulkar. In spite of the fact that he was called pompous and forceful by a few faultfinders in his initial days, he has hushed them to end up a develop, created batsman and a decent captain. In the 199 matches he played up until this point, Kohli scored 8767 keeps running at a normal of 55.13 including 30 centuries and 45 fifties. His first 50 years was against Sri Lanka in his fourth ODI helping India win the arrangement, which was India's first against Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka. Subsequently, he experienced poor shape generally of the following two years and recaptured his frame in Australia in 2010 with a splendid 118. Kohli was critical in India's fruitful world glass in 2011 and turned into the main Indian batsman to score a century in his reality container make a big appearance.

Kohli is a forceful batsman who has a strong procedure, or, in other words, blend. He creates his innings with unparalleled virtuoso and meets the challenge at hand like a star. On the off chance that he proceeds with along these lines for an additional couple of years, he will break numerous records and end up one of the best batsmen the amusement has ever observed and will be viewed as one of the best ever.

05     Azharuddin

Azharuddin, known as "Azhar" among companions, was one of the coolest Indian commanders. He was conceived in Hyderabad and made his ODI make a big appearance in 1985 at Bengaluru against England. He turned into the chief in 1989 and drove the Indian group in 174 ODIs and out of the 90 were triumphs.

Azhar was a center request batsman who was steady in conveying what India required generally of his profession. He was outstanding for his wrist work, with the flicks, the late cuts, and the short punches, as the resigned Indian cricketer Venkatraghavan expressed; "Azharuddin had the best wrists in the diversion". He was especially solid on his leg side and anything around his legs would be dispatched to the holes in the field with a specialist's exactness. This stroke play earned him a total of 9378 keeps running in 334 matches at a normal of 36.92 with 7 centuries and 58 fifties shockingly. One of the best innings he played was a 121 against England at Lord's and his best score was a 153 against Zimbabwe in Cuttack. He was the principal player to play 300 ODIs making him the most experienced cricketer of his opportunity.

Aside from his batting rendezvous, he was otherwise called an outstanding defender particularly in the circle. In spite of the fact that his vocation was quickly blurred by match settling embarrassments, Azhar is affectionately recalled by fans as an ace of the specialty of batting.

04    Ms. Dhoni

The best skipper India has ever delivered, Dhoni, was conceived in 1981 in Ranchi, Bihar and made his ODI make a big appearance in 2004 at Chittagong versus Bangladesh. He was a piece of the World XI, Asia XI, and Chennai Super Kings.

Dhoni is famous for keeping up a quiet and cool attitude in the field which is a quality that has helped him succeed both as a batsman and a skipper. He is an irregular batsman with a considerable measure of base hand play and when he is on the tune, there are not very many bowlers on the planet who extravagant ceasing him. Likewise, Dhoni is viewed as outstanding amongst other finishers of the diversion. He has scored a sum of 9758 keeps running at a normal of 51.90 out of 306 matches. Toward the start of his ODI vocation, he scored a 148 versus Pakistan and a 183 versus Sri Lanka inside his first year and positively shaped the Indian camp. His most essential innings came at the ideal field when he crushed a brisk 91 in the 2011 world container last against Sri Lanka

03     Rahul Dravid

Dravid is known for holding his end, regardless of what occurs in the other, with a stone strong safeguard acquiring him the name "The Wall". He was a standout amongst another number 3 batsmen the cricketing scene has ever observed, who was in charge of numerous incredible Indian triumphs. With his cool and quiet way to deal with any type of assault, he builds up himself in the wrinkle in a couple of overs and begins picking the accessible twos. In the event that he makes it to the last couple of overs, despite the fact that not known for huge hitting, he has turned out to be viable. With this procedure, he gathered a sum of 10768 keeps running in 340 matches at a normal of 39.15 with 12 tons and 82 fifties to his name. His details say a lot about the length he spent at the wrinkle without getting expelled. His initial two years in ODIs was a battle as he was in and out of the group as often as possible without having a reliable frame. In 1997 Dravid scored his 1st century against Pak at Chennai. His first world glass in 1999 was an enormous achievement developing as the best run scorer of the competition with 461 keeps running at a normal of 65.85 and scored a vital 145 against Sri Lanka, the dominant victors, building up a world record for the most elevated ever organization of 318 with Sourav Ganguly. Dravid was delegated the bad habit commander for the 2003 world glass and he turned into the chief in the 2007 world cup. Dravid was a genuine refined man and an exemplary character who was a course book style player. He was respected with the ICC Player of the Year grant in 2004 and the Bradman Oration in 2011.

02      Sourav Ganguly

Forceful now and again and impressive on occasion, Ganguly, extraordinary compared to other batsmen India has ever delivered, was conceived in 1972 Behala, Calcutta and made his ODI make a big appearance in 1992 against the West Indies. Asia XI, Kolkata Knight Riders, and Lancashire are the real groups he spoke to.

His forceful nature served him well as an opener in the shorter type of the diversion and extra time he developed into an impressive batsman who could convey the furious assault when required. Ganguly was extremely solid on the off side and square of the wicket with a standout amongst other square cuts in cricket. He insulted numerous a quick bowler with his off side stroke play abandoning them no edge for the blunder. Spinners too had an extreme time infiltrating his strong barrier and stroke play. Ganguly amassed a sum of 11363 of every 311 matches at a normal of 41.02 including 22 centuries and 72 fifties. His best inning of 183 was against Sri Lanka in 1999 where the world record for the best organization in ODIs was set up. In 2000 he has selected the commander of the Indian group and the weight of captaincy appear to overload his batting. In 2003 he recovered his old shape as a batsman and scored a total of 465 keeps running at a normal of 58.12 including 3 centuries, in the 2003 world glass where India turned into the sprinters up.

Generally known as "Sovereign of Calcutta" and "Dada", Ganguly was a disputable character who turned into an extraordinary Indian cricketer. He was one of the best batting all-rounders of his opportunity.

01   Sachin Tendulkar

His "Lord of the Cricket" is a symbol that says he has a lot for cricket. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar was conceived in Mumbai in 1973 and in 1989, Pakistan made an ODI against Pakistan at the age of 16. It was a piece of World XI, Asia XI, Yorkshire, and Mumbai Indians.
This "Little Master" as he is prevalently known, holds all the real batting world records in cricket for quite a while which incorporates, most keeps running in Test and ODIs, most hundreds of years, most half hundreds of years and most worldwide keeps running by an individual batsman ever of diversion. His batting strategy is something that captures you like a calming tune and pastes you to the TV screen. He is the Michael Angelo of the specialty of batting and the batsman, a greater part of the growing cricketers turn upward too. He is so very much formed when he approaches the wrinkle as though he knew each conveyance that will come to his direction previously. His certainty and stance cast questions even in the brains of the best of the bowlers the amusement has delivered. Sachin has scored a mammoth total of 18426 keeps running in 463 ODIs at a normal of 44.83 with 49 centuries and 96 fifties. It took him 5 years and 78 ODIs to score his first century where he at last figured out how to accomplish the accomplishment against Sri Lanka in 1994. A short time later, he proceeded to end up the main run scorer in the 1996 world class, with two centuries. Sachin was granted the captaincy in 1997, however, he and the world before long acknowledged he was destined to be the best batsman ever, not the skipper. Along these lines, he surrendered in 2000 and gave over the captaincy to Ganguly. In 2003 world glass Sachin demonstrated his significance again with an aggregate of 673 keeps running in 11 coordinates and turning into the Player of the Tournament. In the accompanying scene glass in 2007, India had a dreary battle stopping early attributable to issues with the mentor where Sachin was pushed down the request. After the world glass, he recovered shape and played well, yet was expelled 7 times in his 90s amid the year. In 2010, he scored 200 runs not out against South Africa, turning into the principal batsman to score a 200 in ODIs. Again in the 2011 world container, he demonstrated his class turning into the main run scorer with a sum of 482 keeps running at 53.55 including two centuries. Following poor execution in 2012, at 39 years old, Sachin declared his retirement from ODIs giving a large number of Indians and fans overall despair.

Sachin was positioned the Second Greatest ODI batsman ever by the Wisden and was granted the Bharata Ratna, India's most astounding nonmilitary personnel grant. He will be recognized as the best batsman ever by a huge number of cricket fans the world over and his impact on ages of cricketers to come will be unmatched.


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