Sushant Singh Rajput denied harassing Sanjana Sanghi chat screenshots share

Sanjana Sanghi  and Sushant Singh Rajput sexually harassing

Sushant Singh Rajput Kiji and Mani co-star Sanjana Sanghi refuse to bother, chat screenshots share
Sanjana Sanghi  and Sushant Singh Rajput
Sanjana Sanghi and Sushant 
Sushant Singh Rajput has denied that he had harassed his co-star with Kiji and Mani, Sanjana Sanghi. The actor shared screenshots of his conversation on Twitter.

Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput has reacted on rumors that he had been unfair to his co-star from the upcoming movie Keezy and Manny, Sanjana Sanghi. Sushant tweeted screenshots from his text conversation to clean his name.

Sushant wrote in his tweet that someone has a 'personal agenda' to defame his name through rumors. "The last thing to save you about the story created by the agenda is that people who use this required campaign for their personal agenda are too much to ignore, so long as I shot for the film. There is a text conversation with Sanjana, I will let you decide, He wrote in a tweet shared on Thursday night. Later they removed the tweets.
However, Sushant shared fresh tweets on Friday morning and shared more screenshots with his conversation with Sanjana. "I am sorry to reveal personal information but it seems that there is no other way to tell this curated and well-blurred campaign in the middle of time. By the last day of shooting, this happened on the set with Sanjana , "He wrote in his tweets.
Screenshots show a friendly conversation between Sushant and Sanjana in which they talk about getting excited about shooting for their films and complimenting each other's performance. The first lesson is from 9 July and the last lesson is from August 22.
Sushant's Twitter Verification Badge also appears to have been removed. The actor clarified that there is no verification badge in his account from September 5.
A report published in DNA on 22nd August has written that Sushant had become 'extra friendly' with Sanjana on the sets of the film, which made him feel uncomfortable. "Sushant Navjee was trying to be 'more favorable' towards Sanjana Sanghi. On one occasion, she was feeling uncomfortable and clearly brought her to the attention of her parents, who made her return only to the set It was said, if he thought he needed it. One hears that till now, the shooting has come in a stable position, "a source told  daily.
After the report was published, film director Mukesh Chhabra reacted on rumors. He wrote in his tweet, "All this speculation is a picture of wild imagination." "We are shooting in Mumbai after wrapping the Jamshedpur and Ranchi program. It is a pleasure and we are moving forward like a very happy unit," he said.
Mukesh once again shared another tweet on Thursday to clean the name of Sushant. "I am completely standing by @itsSSR - no such event has happened on the set and let's not sue Twitter and suffer an innocent person for any other person's stupid purposes, which I used to do on Twitter Had clarified for a long time and I still maintain it, "he wrote in his tweet. Mukesh has been accused of sexual harassment by two women.
Kizi and Manny is a remake of the 2014 Hollywood hit, The Fault in a Stars. Sanjana has not yet reacted against the allegations against Sushant.

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