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The Nun review
The Nun review

The Nun review: This Conjuring spin-off is devoid of scares

Directed by Corin Hardy, the newest entrant in the Conjuring Cinematic Universe, The Nun, reveals the story of Nana, which is a demonic presence that haunts the hoards in Conjunction 2.

Father Anthony Burke (Damien Bichir) is a well-known person of the Vatican when it comes to the "miracle hunting" of the father. She, along with a young innovation sister Eiren (Taisa Formiga), in Romania, the AB of St. Carta has been sent to investigate the incident of a young nun, who was committing suicide by hanging herself. Helping them is "French" (Jonas Blockett), a French-Canadian farmer who searches for the body.

Although the Nun starts on a promising note, when it starts to use more of every topic of this horror style, it loses its steam. How often will the monster be submerged from seeing "unexpectedly"? From jumping to music, everything about the movie has ended.
What will make your hair in the end, it is worthless. But Bonnie Arson has no candle in the form of a walk.

Many elements appear in the conspiracy, are only kindly built-in. For example, there are many scenes from sister Iran's childhood, all of whom convey the message that "[Mother] Mary will decide the path". However, it has neither been explained or searched for giving insights into his character. Instead, it is a struggle that is dealt poorly to reach climax.

Similarly, Father Burke is blamed after a young boy named Daniel during an insult. But this also does not add meaning to the story.

Conjuring Cinematic Universe has enough references to other films, but what Nun does is different is its comedy. The Jonas Blocet is very attractive as a French when the movie starts taking itself very seriously, then it makes a lot of sense of humor.
See nuns only when the conjuring series and its spin-off are strong fans, but it should be warned that it is surprisingly devoid of the spook.

The Nun review
The Nun review

The NUN Movie Review- Latest Movie The NUN Movie  Review- Latest Movie Reviewed by crick movie on September 15, 2018 Rating: 5

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