Sui Dhaaga Movie Review - Varun Dhawan- Anuskha Sharma

sui dhaaga
Sui Dhaaga

Sui Dhaaga Movie Review - Varun Dhawan- Anuskha Sharma

A time pass entertiner movie can be watched once

Good direction, good acting, good story and all these makes movie watchable.

The story is about a life of Mauji a tailor role played by Varun Dhawan and his wife Mamta role played by Anushka Sharma.

The story is nothing new and can be easily guessed. Mauji is a married guy however his life is in complicated situation where in he wakes up with a daily fights with his dad on some or the other issues and then goes to work which was originally reffed by his father and gets back home.The cycle continuous however when his boss's son is getting married and his entire family is invited. 

Mamta finds that he is nothing  but a servitor a joker who entertains his boss by making jokes or acting like a dog or something similar. She gets disturbed and upset by this act and asks Maujito leave the job to which he agrees and insults his boss and gets fired.As he jobless now and thinks about to earn something so uses his neighbors sewing machine. He opens a tailor shop on a street side.

Sui Dhaaga Movie Review - Varun Dhawan- Anuskha Sharma

One day he gets a call from Mamta stating that his mom is been admitted to the hospital so Mauji rushes towards the hospital. As he spends sometime with his mom says that its uncomfortable to sleep in a saree so he goes back home and makes a nighty for his mother which has some additional pockets so the saline can be connected easily. 

As the nighty gets very famous in the hospital where his mother is admitted, he starts getting orders for the same for Rs 500 to manufacture the nighties they come to know that the sewing machine is taken back by their neighbors and asked for a 40% partnership to which Mauji denies. 

He then goes for a government campaign where there provide sewing machine for free  in rural areas for unemployed citizens as he owes a sewing machine now, he manufactures and order taken. At the point of his mother's discharge, the owner of the hospital who is a good friend of Mauji's brother in law Gaddu advises Mauji to go Guddu's office with the nighty idea so he goes where the owner asks Mauji production for the same and distribution it in the hospitals .

Sui Dhaaga Movie Review - Varun Dhawan- Anuskha Sharma

As Mauji's mom is scheduled for 2nd operation they go to the same hospital and find out the rates for the admission is increased and also they don't allow outside dresses and charge for the nighty sold by Mauji's owner for Rs 2000 which was originally designed by him. As he gets back  to the work and abuses his owner and gets Mamta fired. Mamta gets fired too however they ask for their sewing machine which is at the owner's office.As they deny to provide them with their sewing machine they became helpless. 

As his father starts shouting him again and again and he is again jobless. Meanwhile Mamta comes up with an idea to take a participation in a bog fashion event organised by Raymond.They barrow the sewing machine by apologizing to their neighbors and gets selected for the fashion show. As the Judges advise that they would need multiple clothes and is not a job of 2 peoples so they get the entire village added and win the competition.  

Sui Dhaaga Movie Review - Varun Dhawan- Anuskha Sharma

Finally Sui Dhaaga is a winner (Made in India)At some point the movie is depressing as well however the chemistry between the leading pair is awesome.I would say that the directors who earlier entertained us with Dum Lagaa ke Haisha is actully a winner. The way of making a film is bit Hattie and also i appreciate him for that. 

         The movie has its own Ups and very few down if you are a fan of watching a romantic           masala movie this should be your selection for sure and it won't disappoint.
Anushka doesn't need to prove herself in point af acting but Varun Assures us that 
he is improving and also he can also do these roles with a perfection. 

Overall rating 4 stars 
Happy weekend
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Sui Dhaaga Movie Review - Varun Dhawan- Anuskha Sharma Sui Dhaaga Movie Review - Varun Dhawan- Anuskha Sharma Reviewed by crick movie on September 29, 2018 Rating: 5


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